Personalized and holistic support
with proven impact for
employees' health and well-being

Proven results instead of empty promises

Every single individual employee has a different background, different kind of life situation, different needs and different responsibilities at work. Therefore there are no standard solutions for supporting individual health and well-being. Tips for stress management, exercise, nutrition and sleep are nice to have, but common guidelines and campaigns don’t work when sustained change in health and daily life is needed.

Based on the experience of over thousand personalized health and wellness coaching journeys we know how to reach sustained results with a real impact for health and the ability to work.

Take a look at the results by downloading our new 2019 report.

In the beginning of the coaching didn’t believe I would continue in my present job after 6 months. However, during the coaching I was able to increase my overall life management and I feel I’m not facing similar challenges anymore.​

Sleep, exercise and life management have a huge impact on my work. I can now focus better and I feel more lively. The feeling of fatigue is gone and the stress management is in balance.

Falling asleep in the night is much more easier and I feel more energetic at work. My skills of stress management have got better, and situations with stress or pressure don't have such an influence on me anymore as they did before.

Liisa Ilvesmäki
Wellbeing Manager
VR Group (Finnish Railways)

“During many years we had searched for many different kind of options to support the health of our employees. The work of VR employees is scattered all over Finland, so for us it was important to offer coaching, where employees can participate from any location but still in an individual way. The good results of Movendos Health Coaching have been visible in all areas of life, and it seems that the coaching has a true impact on whole life.”

Maarit Pelli
Workplace Wellbeing Specialist
Osuuskauppa Hämeenmaa

“We wanted to try individual Movendos coaching, because it was a clear respond for our needs. Our managers work separately in different units in different locations which makes common support challenging. Coaching areas are extensive and every single coachee gets a tailored content to the coaching, based on the holistic starting survey and discussion with the personal coach. This is why the coaching feels like own and the managers commit to it easier.”

We build healthy work communities

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