Anu Autio from Finnish Customs – concrete feeling of succeeding increased wellbeing

The Chief Information Officer of Finnish Customs, Anu Autio, started her Unik Health Coaching just before the corona pandemic. Remote work was familiar to some extent already before corona, but since half March 2020 Anu started working from home. 

This coaching was a great opportunity, which I value a lot. It’s precious that Finnish Customs wants to take care of its employees in such a way. I had not heard about this kind of a health coaching before. It was based on remote meetings, which made the threshold for participation low. I joined this individual coaching with a very open mind, Autio describes. 

The daily work in the IT management of Customs is very hectic, and there were not enough moments to stop. This is why Anu felt that even good achievements were immediately wiped away from mind as new and new tasks came along all the time. 

My biggest problem was that I did not stop to see and feel happy for things that I had got ready. Therefore I did not see good and positive things around me either, which ended up also in the lack of positive encouragement from me to others. I wanted to become a better leader and also at home, I wanted to become a person who sees more forward, Anu tells about the start.

During the personalized coaching of three months it was possible to stop by own life with own professional coach every few weeks.

The connection to the coach was built very nicely. Discussions were very good. Often my coach Sari brought up aspects that I would not have noticed myself.

One of the important concrete things was the diary of succeeding, which Anu filled in almost daily in Movendos mCoach remote coaching tool. The coach checked out the diary also between the meetings. The feedback on the way was very meaningful.

Diary of succeeding was brilliant. It helped to make my achievements concrete. The positive feedback during the coaching was very important. I also learned to give feedback to my colleagues. I have always valued the meaning of feedback, but I had lost it in the hectic work life. During this coaching it was raised up as a new valuable thing, Anu tells.

It was very meaningful to make own achievements visible.

Before I was focusing a lot on performance and schedules, which makes it easy to loose the small and bigger positive things.  I want to continue on the same road I learned during the coaching. It’s important to remember this if not daily, at least weekly, both at work and home, Anu thinks.



The Chief Information Officer of Finnish Customs, Anu Autio.

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