Better work ability and healthier everyday life rest on values and concrete support

This blog has been published in Finnish in the HR professional website on 1st of November 2021.

A healthy employee is the visiting card of an employer

The values of both private and public employers can be seen in the way how they support the health and resources of their employees. In Finland the right to  occupational healthcare is based on legislation. However, more and more visible is also a different kind of need for supporting employees with their health, well-being and life management on a very individual level. If we want to support employees with a proven impact, the support needs to be individual and personalized, starting from the very unique life situation and needs of each person. So called “same content for all” services and support can be an important part of common spirit, but many individuals who would really need support, are left or dropped out of common programs. 

The way how an employee feels and how healthy one is, has an effect on the quality of work. For example in service work it has a direct effect on how the employee faces the end customers. When the employee feels content and balanced, one has resources to take care of oneself as well as cooperate with colleagues, customers and other close network in a positive way. 

At its best a healthy employee is a positive visiting card of an employer. It raises positive images about positive employer values. It increases interest towards the employer what comes to potential new employees. In addition to this, it supports the commitment of the existing employees. 

The work ability can be improved with a right time support and health coaching

The corona time has been challenging time in many ways in various jobs. The work content may have changed, the workload may have been heavier than before, or the work may have ended completely. The work environment may have required many special arrangements. Whatever the job and the operating environment is, it is certain that corona has left its mark. Employees long for community, but at the same time, they really have a great need for an individual encounter. Challenges related to physical and mental ability to work have not disappeared. Now it’s time to take responsibility for the individuals as well and provide right time support, with follow-up of impact.

Already 2000 employees have participated the individual and remote Unik Health Coaching by Movendos. The value- and solution-based coaching sees the coachee from a 360 aspect as a whole. The coaching has brought excellent results and impact in very different industries for very different employees. The coached employees are all individuals, varying from service, construction and maintenance sectors to education and expert work. 

The sustained change starts from one’s own life situation

The power of value- and solution-based coaching rests on very simple things. Externally defined guidelines or tips don’t usually work or bring long-term sustained change, because knowing something does not help to change habits. In an individual coaching the coachee’s life is seen as a whole in a very personalized way. All the concrete changes are based on coachee’s own values, needs and insights, with tailored small and easy to do steps.

Often the root causes for externally visible problems are not directly visible. With a comprehensive aspect it’s possible to recognize the root causes for problems instead of externally visible silos. Very often the coaching handles skills related to management of life, stress or time and the small concrete change is then related to daily life.

Often a positive change in behavior in one are of life can be seen as positive change in other life areas as well. In Unik Health Coaching we measure the impact of the coaching in areas like stress management, sleep and recovery, mental wellbeing, daily activity, nutrition and social relations.

When the coaching is done based on remote coaching sessions, it’s important that the channel for coaching is secure. Movendos coaching is done via a secure mCoach platform, which has been developed my Movendos.

Paula Mäkeläinen


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