Co Op Arina – individual health coaching helped to return the feeling of life management during corona pandemic

Co Op Arina offered a possibility to individual Movendos Unik Health Coaching to supervisors and managers in Spring 2021. Over 100 managers and supervisors participated the value and solution-based coaching.  Co-Op Arina is a consumer co-operative in Northern Finland and its stores, restaurants, hotels, fuel stations and many other services are attended by more than 100,000 customers daily. Arina employs 3,000 people in 182 locations and its operating area covers 32 municipalities.

Minna Karhu participated Unik Health Coaching. At first, before the coaching started, she hesitated if the coaching could really help in her life situation, because the challenges were not related to sleep, nutrition or other traditional areas of well-being.

Fortunately, I signed up. Confidence with my coach was established right away, and I opened up my whole life story. I don’t usually tell new people about my own things, so the encounter took place remotely in a very exceptional way, Minna Karhu says.

Minna had participated an occupational health survey conducted in the autumn of 2020 for performance managers. The survey mapped the effects of the corona on managerial work, experiences related to it and the need for support.

Fortunately, based on the survey results, the employer saw the need to support us supervisors in this way. Personally, I experienced the corona burden pretty hevily. I’ve worked all my life in restaurant services, so I’m used to tolerate uncertainty in many ways. However, the corona period had a strong impact, as there was no time to prepare for or react to it. I’ve always done my job well, but during corona I lost the opportunity to make a similar impact, so I just tried to stay afloat. Changes came one after another, and at the same time the staff was terribly worried and anxious about whether there was enough work and how to deal with the corona as a whole. Because of all this, I was no longer able to hold the reins of my life in my hand, Minna explains.

During the coaching, the goal was to get back in the position as the most important person in one’s own life along work, children, and dogs. Minna’s changes were small everyday things that eventually seemed to change Minna’s entire life.

I have never considered myself the most important person in my own life before. Coaching made me think about things really differently. The change is reflected in the fact that I have learned to be more selfish in a healthy way. For example, at home and at work, I stop to think in different situations, what would be good for me. There is no need to do homework before going for a swim. I listen to myself and how I feel. Before I used to listen to what others want or think about me. With help of the coaching, I was also able to say yes to a new dream job with the same employer in a different location. Maybe in my own life cycle I was somehow educated that I wasn’t very important. Now everything has changed, Minna ponders.

Minna says that she greatly appreciates the employer for such an opportunity for coaching. Because every person and employee is different, it is really important that each coaching is shaped to fit the individual life situation. In this way, coaching focuses on the things that are important to each individual. If the coaching had included ready-made sleep, nutrition or exercise programs, Minna would not have participated the coaching.

The coach didn’t tell me the ready-made thought patterns, but asked the right questions. He also encouraged me to think about why I think the way I think and whether I could act differently in some way. It was really easy to face my coach in the remote meetings. My coach was there in front of me just for me as a very real person. If all people had a similar presence in any client work, then all the clients would feel just great, Minna says.

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Osuuskauppa Arinan esihenkilöinä toimivat Minna ja Hannu kertovat uudella videolla kokemuksestaan Movendoksen Unik Health Coaching -valmennuksessa.

Movendos on kotimainen yritys, joka tuottaa valmennuspalveluja ja etäratkaisuja yksilön hyvinvoinnin ja terveyden edistämiseen. Movendoksen kehittämät palvelut ja teknologia pohjautuvat käyttäytymis- ja terveystieteen tutkimukseen sekä yhteistyöhön alan asiantuntijoiden kanssa. Valmennuksen toteuttamisessa ja vaikuttavuuden arvioinnissa hyödynnetään yrityksen kehittämää kartoitus- ja etävalmennusteknologiaa.


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