Knowledge, skills and experience

Movendos team is an exceptional combination of both coaching and technology skills. The team has solid understanding of the health and wellness domain and has background also in scientific research and international business. When this is combined to brave visions, curious spirit and urge to make the world a better place, we form an interesting and formidable player in the field of health and well-being.


Pauliina Avola
Movendos Health & Wellness Coach

Heidi Hallila-Riihiranta
Movendos Health & Wellness Coach

Joni Pakarinen
Movendos Health & Wellness Coach

Päivi Roiha
Movendos Health & Wellness Coach

Tiina Sevander
Movendos Health & Wellness Coach

Sari Sonninen
Movendos Health & Wellness Coach

Hanna Untala
Movendos Health & Wellness Coach

Tiina Väinölä
Movendos Health & Wellness Coach

Paula Mäkeläinen
+358 50 405 9940

Toni Peltovako
+358 50 345 1049

Petteri Paakkunainen
+358 50 465 4299

Arto Leppisaari
Managing director
+358 50 5117305 

Hannu Nieminen
Research and science
+358 50 483 5824

Carlos Peréz-Blanco
Software development
+358 40 143 7703

Andres Ledesma
Software development
+358 50 301 4237

Hannu Mikkola
Technology & sw development
+358 50 483 5237

Yigal Schwartzman
Strategic Business Development


Anna-Mari Lahtinen

Licensed Medical Specialist in General Practice and a long-term professional of health and wellbeing. Anna-Mari has strong experience as a head of occupational health, safety and well-being in two international technology companies on global level. She has also worked as a doctor of health education, rehabilitation and occupational health. She wants to develop preventive services to increase individual wellbeing based on one’s daily life and individual needs.

Harri Helajärvi

Doctor of Medical Science, clinician, researcher and an enthusiastic spokesperson for health and wellbeing. Harri combines research data, clinical work and his strong professional background to help improving human wellbeing and health. He is energized by people and culture in different forms.

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