Osallistujien kokemuksia

In this video employees involved in Unik Health Coaching from different industries tell about their experiences.

The individual coaching has brought positive, concrete and sustained change to the holistic health and wellbeing.

Feedback from the participants of Unik Health Coaching

I'm more balanced and calm than before the coaching. I try to focus on one moment at a time. I understand now that I can not affect everything, but the things that I can affect, I do immediately.

Falling asleep in the evening is easier and I feel more lively at work. My skills of stress management have got better, and stressful moment are not making me anxious anymore like they used to make.

This coaching did not answer to my expectations, because it exceeded all the expectations!

In the beginning of the coaching didn’t believe I would continue in my present job after 6 months. However, during the coaching I was able to increase my overall life management and I feel I’m not facing similar challenges anymore.

During the coaching I changed my physical activity from zero times a week to four times a week. I also quit smoking and I have spent more time with people, who mean a lot to me. I also started meditating.

I started regular exercise and changed my nutrition into healthier one. It was difficult in the start, but as I started to feel the change in my body, it got easier and easier.

Focusing on right kind of nutrition on a high level has helped to loose weight in an effortless way.

I had a brilliant coach! Warm thanks to her. I have increased daily activity, started to eat healthier - even lost some weight - and learned to feel mercy for myself. I understand now that I need to have more time for recovery and do things that are good for me. Knowledge doesn't often change things. The encouragement of my coach has had a huge effect and thanks to him I'm so motivated to take care of myself as I am now.

Sleep, regular exercise and life management have a huge impact on my work. I can now focus better in my work and I have more energy. The feeling of fatigue is gone and my stress management is in balance.

I have started to eat better and exercise because of joy, not because of external force. My attitude towards myself, exercise and food has got much more positive.

My energy levels have been better, as well as the organization of work and private life.

My coach is wonderful and the best! I cried during the last coaching meeting, because this coaching has had a huge impact in my life. If I could, I would let her coach every single human being.

My change has been unbelievable! Lack of sleep was my biggest problem and now I sleep 7-8 hours a night, I fall asleep easily and don't wake up many times during the night anymore. My nutrition was changed, which can be seen as better energy levels. I also lost some weight.

Now that I have had my ability for performance back, I'm focusing more on nutrition and exercise. My aim is also to loose some weight to feel better. This will most likely succeed, because I have got back my life management.

I try to have a calmer attitude towards things, even though I feel I'm at least as effective and productive as before. Surprising is, that based on my experience, I'm not as tired after workdays anymore, which leaves more energy for taking care of my own health as well, which then again reflects to work. Positive cycle!

I have found a joy for daily activity, without stress,

I have more energy, I'm better present and focused. My satisfaction to work increased from number 2 to 8, which tells about the change in my own attitude.

I have started to think about my health more. I was hesitating if I would need help or not, but this coaching helped me to see, that I need to seize the things that have affect my life. The most difficult thing before was to find more time to myself and the most sore personal things, during the busy family and career years of life.

I have found the joy for sports and my inner will to do new things.I have found a perfect balance between work and private life.

My endurance skills have increased, balance got better, muscle strength increased, which all have helped me to work better in a moving train. I recover better from a shift work.

Net Promoter Score

We measure the customer experience of our coachees with NPS (Net Promoter Score). This measurement tells, how big part of our coaching participants would recommend the coaching for their colleagues, family members or friends. NPS number can vary between -100 and100. The higher the number is, the more there are individuals recommending us. NPS numbers over 50 can be considered very good or excellent.

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