Health coaching improved stress management – relaxation skills help to feel well

The store manager of Co-Op Arina, Katja Haapaniemi, participated Unik Health Coaching in Spring 2021. Katja had had breast cancer the previous year and the treatments had demanded a lot for her both physically and mentally. In Autumn 2020 Katja returned to work part-time and in December she felt she had recovered enough and could start a full-time work. 

In the beginning of 2021 I thought I could start working with full power, but then one of my colleagues stepped out from work. Then I thought how I would manage everything alone especially after a mentally heavy phase of life. At the same time we also had the new wave of corona at hand, Haapaniemi tells.  

In February 2021 the employer offered Katja a possibility to join individual value and solution based health coaching.

The timing could not have been better. I wanted to find help and support for mental side. The growing amount of work and my own features like getting inspired easily, are a combination which easily leads to overload. Also too many positive things and activities at the same time can lead to burnout. I needed new skills to handle one thing at a time, to find patience and skills of calming down and relaxation in my everyday life. I truly felt I needed help with all this. After all, it’s possible to reach the same with less, Katja describes the background.

The trust and connection between Katja and Heidi was established very easily. Beforehand the remote meetings felt exiting, but according to Katja, in the end they were a really natural and easy way to join the coaching. The time for the meetings was easy to agree along the daily life. During the coaching sessions the focus was on the right things and there was no need to use time for moving from place to another.

I felt 100 % trust in my coach from the very beginning of the coaching. She was there for me and interested about me and my situation. She truly wanted to help me. It was rewarding to notice, that concrete change happened with such small steps. For example a healthy snack every day and calming down and relaxation at the same time created a huge change for my workload. The hectic work days calmed down with such a small thing.

Now I have skills to apply this deep breathing also at home and in my hobbies, in very different situations. My coach was a true professional. She listened to me and encouraged me. She was also a very positive person, a human being in the right profession, Katja tells.

The nature has always been a very important thing to Katja, but during the coaching she learned also to go out in a more relaxed way. 

Before I thought that going to walk means certain amount of kilometers with a heart rate monitor and follow-up of calories. During this coaching I understood that I don’t need targets in everything. Instead, I can do things in a calming way. Nowadays I watch different phenomenons of nature and relax while walking. I started to take coffee along and stay more present. It gives such a good feeling, Katja thanks.

All the small things that Katja got an insight of during the coaching, have stayed in her life every week, no matter what the weather or situation is. 

I’m not a very sensitive person, but at this moment I get tears in my eyes. I told my coach Heidi how wonderful person she is and how she helped me to find right things in my life. I was so happy in the end of the meetings that we both had tears in our eyes. I want to tell my story to help someone else with this. The timing of this coaching was perfect, Katja tells.

Co Op Arina offered a possibility to individual Movendos Unik Health Coaching to supervisors and managers in Spring 2021. Over 100 managers and supervisors participated the value and solution-based coaching.  

Co-Op Arina is a consumer co-operative in Northern Finland and its stores, restaurants, hotels, fuel stations and many other services are attended by more than 100,000 customers daily. Arina employs 3,000 people in 182 locations and its operating area covers 32 municipalities.

The Unik Health Coaching by Movendos is a value- and solution-based health and wellness coaching, which starts form the unique life situation as a whole. The coaching program lasts for three months with five coaching discussions and support between the meetings. The impact is measured with start, end and follow-up surveys and feedback. 

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