Individual Movendos Health Coaching has helped to decrease the risks related to work ability among Finnish Railways’ employees

VR (Finnish Railways) and Movendos started their cooperation in Autumn 2017. Until summer 2019, already over 200 employees have participated Movendos Health Coaching, which in VR got a good tailored name "On the rails to health" coaching.

Individual coaching from any location

VR employees work in challenging tasks what comes to working hours. The shifts are irregular and long, which makes it challenging to take care of one’s health and wellbeing.

During many years we had searched for many different kind of options to support the health of our employees. The work of VR employees is scattered all over Finland, so for us it was important to offer coaching, where employees can participate from any location but still in an individual way, the Wellbeing Manager of VR, Liisa Ilvesmäki tells.

Good results in all areas of life

The employees have welcomed the coaching in a very positive way and the quota for coachings have got full just in a few days. The personalized and individual aspect have made the threshold of participating very low. Practically any employee of the target units has been able to register to the coaching, in case there has been a subjective need for support.  This enables a very preventive approach to life balance, health and wellbeing and challenges related to them.

The good results of Movendos Health Coaching have been visible in all areas of life, and the commitment level has been very high. It seems that the coaching has a true impact on whole life, Liisa Ilvesmäki thinks.

The change starts from own insights

The train driver Marko was very content with his coaching:

The starting point of the coaching was not in getting instructions for what to do or what not to do. It was all about what I wanted myself. We started to work on change in a soft way. This is a very good coaching program, because it gives a good grip on your own change and how to increase own wellbeing. Targets were set and taken care of. As a result my weight decreased remarkably and my energy levels rised, which I have enjoyed a lot.

Movendos health coaching always includes feedback surveys. The average of satisfaction level has been 8,87 in scale 1-10. NPS (Net Promoter Score) has been 62, excellent.

The cooperation with Movendos has been easy. The feedback from employees has been good and reporting has been regular and clear. It’s nice to move on and continue cooperation from this point, Ilvesmäki adds.

Results on average and individual level are convincing

In the Movendos Wellbeing Index picture below you can see the change which has happened during over 200 individual coaching journeys among VR employees as an average. The situation before the coaching can be seen as grey and the situation after the coaching in orange colour. 

Behind the convincing average results there are even much bigger changes on individual level and holistic health. In the anonymous example below the health has increased and the risk related to the work ability has decreased in a remarkable way in several areas of life. The situation before the coaching can be seen above and the situation after the coaching below. 

The value and solution based Movendos Health Coaching has reached good impact on many areas of health and wellbeing. This method and aspect helps to achieve sustained changes, because the root causes for the visible problems are often in some other area of life. This is why Movendos Health Coaching doesn’t focus on silos like stress, sleep, nutrition or weight management coaching, but genuinely from the whole life situation of the individual, with individual solutions.

Open feedback from VR employees:

“During this coaching I have made small changes, moment by moment, in nutrition and exercise. I have also focused on arranging the best possible circumstances for sleep. Every small step has led into insights of new steps.”

“Management of worktime and focusing on own free time. Valuing myself higher than before. My journey has just begun, but I’m aware of these things now better than before.“

“My sleeping rythm has got better, I take time to sleep. My eating rhythm and quality of nutrition have got better.”

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