preventive support for employee health and wellbeing

Employers are investing a lot of resources and money in promoting employee health, ability to work and wellbeing. Very often the impact and results of the investment and actions are not measured at all. 

We have developed a concept for personalized health and wellness coaching, based on more than 20 years of experience in the field and in cooperation with Finnish companies.

Our coaching is scalable to companies of any size in any business sector. It has a proven and sustained impact on holistic health and ability to work.

Human to human technology used smartly

The low threshold coaching is based on health behavioral science. It’s suitable for anyone who longs for better health, life balance, time management or skills for recovery and stress management. Concretely this can mean better sleep, more daily activity and better nutrition, in a way, which is tailored for the coachee based on the situation of life. Every single coaching journey is different and unique. 

Our coaching consists of remote coaching meetings, concrete remote coaching tasks supporting behavior change and follow up. The coaching targets and content is based on the individual values and life situation of the coaching customer. The tailored coaching sees health as a holistic system of physical and mental health and other areas of life.

The coaching is implemented in the secured and easy to use remote coaching environment. This enables participating from any location, adjusted easily to daily life and schedules. The coaching platform can be used with internet connection and applications. The coaches are experienced and carefully selected Movendos Health and Wellness Coaches.

Health and wellbeing is holistic

The research and the experiences of our own coaching confirm that in order to gain sustained impact, health requires holistic aspect instead of different silo solutions. Health and wellbeing as a whole is affected by many factors in life. Positive change in other area reflects as a positive change in other areas as well. 

Results matter

Proving the impact of our coaching is extremely important for us. We follow the impact both on individual and group level and we also do long-term follow up.

To prove the results and impact we use our own digital survey solution. In addition to the default survey content we can provide tailored surveys for instance to specific work related questionnaires.

We constantly heat from our customers how positively they have been surprised, how effective one concepted coaching program can be, in so many areas of life and health.

Six elements for success

Based on our long experience we have recognized six factors, which have a remarkable impact on commitment and sustained results on individual level.

All these six factors are taken care of in our coaching:

Read more about these six factors in our result report 2019:

Research cooperation

We research the impact of our coaching model together with external research institutions.

We have been part of a research project coordinated by Occupational Health Center Finland. Dagiswork project aimed to develop a model for better health of daycare workers, in order to decrease the level of experienced stress.

The coaching intervention was done with Unik Health Coaching model.

The preventive model of instant support

It’s important to support employees in a preventive way, before a huge amount of sick leave days have been spent.

Movendos has developed the model for instant support, where the employees are supported at early stage for instance in terms of individual health or life management needs.

The model of instant support is easy to get in use and it brings savings to costs related to health, life management or lack of commitment, but also related to the time of HR management. When ever needed, we cooperate together with other stakeholders. This is how all benefit from fluent exchange of data and services that complement each other.

Easy to start

We have made our service very effortless and easy for HR management, whether the coaching is for one or hundred persons at any time. We have developed to logistics in a way, that the company management can focus on their core tasks and they get the impact reports from as a continuous process as agreed. Our model is easy to integrate to any existing internal processes.

We reach the right people at the right time. The commitment level is close to 100 %, due to the personalized and individual aspect starting from one’s own life situation.

Movendos mCoach remote coaching environment is easy to use and secured, both for video meetings and remote support.

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