Lassila & Tikanoja: health coaching helped to increase vitality and well-being after a depressing life situation

Movendos has done long-term cooperation with Lassila & Tikanoja in order to improve work ability and wellbeing of employees since 2019. L&T is a service company working for circular economy and maintenance of premises. During year 2020 L&T employed over 7600 persons in Finland.

For L&T it’s important to invest on employee health and in the beginning of 2021 they offered employees a possibility to participate individual Unik Health Coaching.

Unik Health Coaching by Movendos is a value- and solution-based health and wellness coaching, which always starts from the unique situation of life and meaningful and important things for the coachee.  

Cleaner Satu Myyrä joined coaching after hearing about the possibility. Satu values a lot the opportunity which was offered by her employer.

Before I started coaching, my life situation was depressing, and many things weighed down my mind. I thought maybe coaching could help. I hoped for help and support especially for fatigue because I slept too little. I hoped that by getting a better rhythm in everyday life, there would also be more time for everyday chores and recovery, Satu says.

In the beginning of coaching Satu responded a comprehensive 360-start survey and after that she met her personal coach in the first coaching session online. Unik Health Coaching is a three months’ coaching with five coaching sessions and support between the meetings. In the end of the coaching the coachee responds to an end and feedback survey as well in order to measure the impact of the coaching.

I think the coach was a really nice, empathetic and trustworthy person. Remote online meetings via a secure channel were a really good and easy way to participate in coaching in the middle of everyday life. My coach urged me to pay attention to the amount of sleep, and I started to go to bed half an hour or an hour earlier. In addition, I made changes to eating routines and started to drink more water during the work day. The coach helped me to notice small things which I could change in my own life. Finding time to sleep as a single parent with three children is challenging, but with small steps, an important change happened, Satu says.

Satu has gained more vitality and endurance also to her working life, and her overall well-being and work ability have improved. When the work day is better managed, there is also energy after the work day to continue own things during free time.

The most surprising thing about coaching was the coach’s empathy and the fact that coaching really started from my own life situation. Instead of blaming or pressing me, my coach discussed things openly with me, which was a lot of help. To anyone still considering participating this coaching, I would say that the coaching was a positive surprise and a very good experience. Everything goes according to your own self and your own life, and nothing is forced. After finishing the coaching, I have had enough sleep and continued in this path, Satu thanks.

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