Lassila & Tikanoja invests in preventive actions promoting work ability

Motivation to maintain healthy life habits and support for recovering from work. These were the biggest reasons why Silja Silvennoinen, L&T Key Account Manager, wanted to start Movendos Health Coaching in Spring 2019. Lassila & Tikanoja is a Finnish service company of 8600 employees, working on circular economy and sustainable service solutions.

I’m easily so  immersed to work that exercise is set aside. That is why I needed support to increase my own wellbeing, recovery and capacity to work, Seija tells.

After three months’ coaching Seija has strengthened her thought models and methods to value her own time and to take care of herself.

Seija praises the way how easy it was to join the coaching. The concrete progression was followed up during remote coaching discussions and between the meetings, in the mCoach remote coaching environment.

My work is mobile, so first I was worried how I will have time for the coaching. However, the meetings were held as video calls and it was easy to keep the agreed time schedule with my own coach. It required surprisingly little time and my coach took care of my time schedule as well, during the meetings.

Service suitable for anyone

L&T offered Movendos Health Coaching for the first time this year for its employees. It opened up a possibility for 26 persons to join remote individual coaching from any location.

The content of the health coaching was defined in an individual way, so each one of the employees focused on the selected areas of wellbeing. Some were focusing on mental wellbeing, some to exercise and nutrition and some to sleep or stress managemen or a combination of these.

L&T employees are working in all parts of Finland, some in very small districts. For many the daily work includes physical load, so we wanted to offer service which encourages to take care of oneself in a preventive way. With the help of Movendos we were able to offer individual health coaching for everyone regardless of location, Paula Vehmaskoski, the Work Ability Expert of L&T tells.

The coaching has got a lot of positive feedback, so Paula believes that L&T will offer same kind of coaching in the future as well. 

The service provider Movendos says that the results have been very positive. The participants responded a health and wellbeing survey in the beginning and in the end of the coaching. This was an easy way to measure the concrete change during the coaching.

Measurement of impact benefits everyone

The Account Director of Movendos Toni Peltovako tells, that many employers invest in health, work ability and wellbeing of emoloyers. However, often the results and impact are weak or even not measured at all.

Without measuring impact and results, the benefit and gain are a mystery, he says.

The average results of the coaching for 26 persons were really good. For example following changes in health happened during three months of coaching:

  • The situation with experienced stress improved 36,6 % and the skills of stress management improved 23,7 %
  • Sleep and recovery as well as nutrition and weight management improved 24,9 %
  • There was remarkable improvement also in social relations, work satisfaction, living life by own values and exercise.

According to Peltovako the benefits of Movendos Health Coaching are the recognized  six factors, which have a remarkable effect on sustained impact in processes related to employee health and work ability.

These factors are individual method, holistic aspect for  health, right timing, right method, low threshold for participating and experienced coaches. The final impact of the coaching is done by comparing the surveys in the beginning and after the coaching, Peltovako clarifies.

Own coach within easy reach

Seija Silvennoinen says that it was especially nice to participate the coaching, because the chemistry was working really well with her own coach from the very beginning. There were five remote meetings with the same coach and it was nice to follow up own progress.

We found our common ground already in the start, so the coaching felt truly rewarding.

Seija believes that anyone can find an area of life where to focus on coaching.

Of course wellbeing at work is based on own acitivity and the employer can’t take care of everything. This coaching helped me to see and think about things in a different way and from new aspects, which is absolutely a good thing, Seija describes.

Toni Peltovako from Movendos says that it’s important to increase health with very small steps..

Small changes can make a big difference in health and wellbeing. The first step is always the most important, Peltovako says.

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