Remote coaching increased work ability, health and life management of employees in National Land Survey of Finland

Movendos started cooperation related to remote individual health coaching with the National Land Survey of Finland last year. Over 200 years old organisation has 36 units all over Finland, all in all 1630 employees.

Individual support remotely all around Finland

National Land Survey of Finland conducts annual occupational health surveys to targeted age groups by occupational healthcare. This health survey screens factors that based on research, best predict work disability. These factors are e.g. symptoms related to mood, pain and sleep problems. The earlier the support can be offered the better chances the employee has to manage health and symptoms.

This is why we wanted to offer holistic support for the recognized risk group, based on unique and individual situations of life. Sharing guidelines and knowledge does not work. People often know what to do, but don’t find the strength and motivation and small steps for change. Own coach helps to find new aspects and is able to give concrete support, Ulla Lanu, the Leading HR expert in National Land Survey of Finland tells.

Many employees work remotely and the work culture is based on self management. In this kind of a situation employees miss personalized coaching.

  • When employees are located in 36 districts, it’s important to offer easy to reach and equal support for improving health and management of own wellbeing. Follow up of results and impact were also important criteria why we chose Movendos Unik Health Coaching. The cooperation with Movendos has succeeded really well and as agreed, Lanu describes.


Good results are visible in holistic health

The coaching results of the first 16 coachees were excellent in different life areas like sleep, daily activity, nutrition, social relationships, stress management, work satisfaction and living life by own values (picture below in Finnish). The improvement continued also in the follow up survey three months after the coaching had ended. Soon 30 coachings are ready and the cooperation continues in Autumn 2020.

Value and solution based Unik Health Coaching has helped to improve health in many ways. This method and aspect helps to gain sustained changes and sustained impact, because it helps to find to root reasons and solutions for the externally visible health problems. Individual life situations require individual changes.

Positive feedback from employees and HR

National Land Survey of Finland paid the coachings, but employees joined the coaching meetings during their freetime.

The participaed employees have given good feedback both on coaching and coaches. The coaching process got rated 9,08 in scale 1-10 and NPS was 66,7.

  • We wanted to offer a personal coach for private discussion, not same content or online coaching for all. We also didn’t want unnecessary measurements of follow up equipment, instead we offered common space for presence between our employee and the coach, Ulla tells.


Sharing is Caring

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