What happened to supporting work ability during corona time?

In the spring of 2020, the corona situation surprised society and employers, and in many workplaces the processes related to work ability were cut down due to the urgent situation requiring reorganization. Very quickly we moved to the new normal and it was clear that employees have a need for support during corona times as well and sometimes even more than before. After the summer of 2020, a clear change happened and employers began to invest in supporting individual work capacity again.

The corona situation has had an effect on almost all employees in a way or another. Some have moved to remote work, some have stayed at their workplaces but got stressed due to the corona pressure, some have got more workload than before and some have been left without a job.  This all has an effect on both mental and physical work ability. 

During the spring of 2021, the Movendos Health Coaches will hold more than a thousand face-to-face coaching meetings online, with employees in various industries. So full steam is on and we are gratefully supporting employees’ work ability in an effective way, even during such exceptional times. Our old partnerships have continued and deepened and at the same time many new employers have found our service. 

Resources and investments towards actions with impact

During the corona time, many traditional work ability or well-being support measures have been impossible to implement. In many workplaces employees long for their work community, but at the same time, employees have a huge need for individual encountering and support for self-management skills. Along this, the challenges related to physical and mental work ability have not disappeared.

An important part of investing in working capacity is the opportunity to demonstrate its effectiveness and to target support to those who have a real need for it – be it preventive early support or remedial support during or after sick leave. According to different calculations, the cost of work disability of a 35 years old employee would cover individual health coaching for 500 people in total. And vice versa, one health coaching to the right person with impact can save up to more than 300,000 € to the employer..

The value and solution based Unik Health Coaching by Movendos is based on 20 years of experience and cooperation with Finnish private and public employers. In the autumn of 2016, the coaching model was introduced as part of Movendos’ operations. That’s when both coaching remotely, regardless of location and consistent follow-up of impact began. The result report of our coaching is available in the Unik Health Coaching website.

Sustained change starts from the unique life situation

The power of a value and solution based coaching approach is based on very simple things. Instructions and advice shared by an external expert don’t usually work because information alone is not enough to create change. The individual coaching method approaches individual’s life and need for change from one’s own life situation. Listening to the person and asking the right questions, an experienced coach helps to find new  insights, new ways of thinking and concrete steps of change. This helps to change everyday habits and behavior in a sustained and often even easy way.  A positive change in one area often repeats itself as good changes in other areas of life.

Our coaching is carried out on our own secure remote coaching platform through remote meetings, messaging between the coach and the employee, and if hoped for, with tailored follow-up tasks that support everyday change. The change is approached through opportunities, not limitations. Depending on the employee’s needs, coaching is focused on, for example, improving life management and stress management, as well as supporting better healthy life habits related to sleep, recovery, daily activity, nutrition and social relations. It is essential that our remote coaching is easily accessible regardless of the location of the workplace and unit. It is easy to participate the coaching sessions from everyday life from any location. Satisfaction with our coaching has been very high (9.3 / 10).

The author of the blog is Paula Mäkeläinen, the Account Director of Movendos.


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